S.A.M.S.  1824

Ozark Highlanders


Commanders Welcome

I would like to invite all U. S. Veterans
of Scottish, Scots-Irish, and Celtic descent to consider this organization as a way of celebrating your military service and heritage at the same time. Commonwealth military are welcome too.  Our Post is in the Ft. Wood, Lebanon, and Rolla area, but there are many posts throughout the United States.



                                                           Commander    - Mike Gibbens

                                                           Vice-Cmdr       - Howard Patton

                                                           Adjutant          - Andy Davis

                                                           Quartermaster - Bob Lanning

Ozark Highlanders

Representing South Central Missouri, Ft Wood, Lebanon, Rolla, and Springfield area, and is actively seeking membership.

About Us

The formation of the Ozark Highlanders of the Scottish-American Military Society, in South Central Missouri began as a conversation between members Mike Gibbens, Don Clement (RC) and Kevin St. John at the St Louis Scottish Games in September in 2012 as Detachment A of Post 1821.

The Post finally got its official recognized status as a Post on the 19th of November 2015, and Charter Post status on 18 November 2016. The name Ozark Highlanders was selected do in part to the location in the south central part of the state, being almost in the middle between St. Louis and Springfield and on the edge of the Ozark Plateau. With Missouri becoming the 24th State to gain Statehood in the 1800's, it seems a logical choice for the number to represent the Ozark Highlanders Post 1824.

Post 1824 is a subordinate Chapter of the Scottish-American Military Society duly chartered as such on April 12th 1981, and incorporated as a not-for-profit veterans organization under the Laws of the State of North Carolina. The membership of the Scottish-American Military Society is comprised primarily of veterans of Scottish ancestry who served or are still serving in the Armed Forces of the United States or the Commonwealth.

The Ozark Highlanders Post 1824 assist the National Society, in the preservation and promotion of Scottish and American Armed Forces customs, traditions, and heritage by:

  • Providing a forum for the exchange of military history and genealogical information.
  • Supporting Scottish activities at Highland Games and Festivals.

  • Conducting public educational programs.

  • Making appropriate contributions to charitable institutions.

  • Showing patriotism and respect to the United States of America.

  • Providing a fun and fraternal atmosphere for post membership. 

Membership in the Ozark Highlanders Post 1824 is open to all persons with a valid current National membership number with the Scottish-American Military Society.